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Set Forth Your Case – Paper #1

The following post initially appeared on my other website ( before I had this one up and running.  To give you a little background, earlier this year I began working on some apologetics assignments from my dad, Dr. Michael Ruth (an author, family therapist, and pastor since the late 70’s).  The first assignment was to … Continue reading

An Argument from Beauty

I recently had the privilege of seeing “Les Misérables” at the Queen’s Theatre in London.  I believe it has played continuously for something like 26 years, so to say it was fantastic is to not quite do it justice.  For some reason, while I sat enthralled in that theater (generally speaking, I’m not even a fan of … Continue reading

A Familiar Question Regarding Evil

If you are a Christian, or even if you are not, you have probably heard some version of this question 1,000,000 times over, “How can God be good if He allows so much evil in the world?”  There are other questions that are surely its sibling, “How can bad things happen to good people?” for … Continue reading